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Bell & Ross - IPhone + IPod Touch App

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A relatively newcomer in the vaulted community of luxury timepiece, Bell & Ross set forth a focus on how watches function rather than its aesthetics. Comprised not only of seasoned watchmakers but also aerospace engineers, the design team's ultimate goal is create timepiece that would truly withstand punishments taken in a real-world environment. Hence, like the aeronautical gauges they're fashioned after, Bell & Ross considers its timepieces as "instruments" rather than watches.

Released early this year and recently updated, the Bell & Ross App for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch gives the end users, possibly, future Bell & Ross customers, a trial run on some their signature time instruments. The application not only accurately tells time, but include interesting functions. For the BR 01-97 Model template, users could shake their iPhone or iPod Touch as to "re-charge" the automatic winding. A Power Reserve dial on the watch will correlate to the "re-charge". On the BR 03 Type Avia:tion Chronograph, user could tap the crown to access Stop Watch, Alarm, and Timer functions. Hold down the crown on each function allows the user to reset the stop watch or adjust alarm or timer. The app also include a handy retailer directory and promotional video of Bell & Ross 09 Collection. All are FREE to download through the iTune Store

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