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Freshness Feature: An Interview with the Designers of Nike Air Maxim 1

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An Interview with Ann-Marie Paz and Anthony Hope, Designers of Nike Air Maxim 1
Interview by: Poe
Produced by: Dan Hwang (DAN H.)

As the proverb goes, "your eyes don't lie". For some people, seeing is believing, and that's what Nike's legendary footwear designer, Tinker Hatfield tapped into when he created the original Air Max 1. With a visible Air Unit that is an icon in itself today, the see-through and exposed air cushion inspired by Centre Pompidou in Paris had become an integral part of Nike's Air Pack today.

As Nike constantly challenges itself to create, recreate, innovate, and most recently, re-evovle, the team re-energized the quintessential Air Max 1 running shoe by working new modifications into preexisting elements to create Air Maxim 1. Air Maxim 1 was released with worldwide anticipation this year as many are psyched to see their favorite running shoes reworked in a modern context with the latest technology.

The task to re-evovle a favorite is always a daunting as well as challenging one. Freshness had a chance to speak with the masterminds behind the project of turning Max to Maxim-- seasoned designers of the Nike Sportswear team, Ann-Marie Paz and Anthony Hope.

Check out our interview and learn more about the process, blood, sweat and tears ( maybe just the sweat) that went into the new classic, Air Maxim 1. Like we said, seeing is believing.

> Freshness Feature: An Interview with the Designers of Nike Air Maxim 1