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Porsche - 2010 Panamera

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At the famed Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance this year, one of the world's most coveted performance car makers, Porsche, released its most controversial product to date-- a four door sedan, the 2010 Panamera. While this may be a bold move for Porsche, the sedan is well received and opens new doors for the auto maker along with its slow merger with Volkswagen.

Unlike most Porsche vehicles but just like other sedans, the 400 horse-power, 4.8L engine is front mounted and comes in a turbo version that can go up to 500 horse-power as well. In terms of aesthetics, the Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance was the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of a new to-be classic model that is both wide and low. For enthusiats, the fact that the new Panamera is hand-sculpted as opposed to how most cars on the market are created today should be an attractive point aside from the elegant dramatic proportions.

The confident performance of the car caused quite a stir amongst the 1,000 invited show attendees, especially those who had a chance to participate in the two-hour custom fitting process along with the test drive. Check out the pictures of the new Panamera along with a video of show host and known car aficionado, Jay Leno test driving the Panamera.

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