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PUMA Urban Mobility Collection by Hussein Chalayan

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Adding to its already impressive roster of collaborators that include Alexander McQueen and Mihara Yasuiro, PUMA announced a new initiative for its Urban Mobility line by its new creative director, Hussein Chalayan.  A graduate of Central Saint Martins College, the Turkish-born British fashion designer's impressive achievements include back-to-back British Fashion Awards for Designer of the Year and as the first winner of Absolut Creation Award.  Moreover, its Chalayan's ability to take on risk in his design, which many times include the latest technology, that have won him accolades around the globe.  In the new PUMA Urban Mobility Collection, Chalayan will once again explore that fine boundary between fashion and technology.  As fashion with functional forms for today's urbanites, the collection will include jackets with pockets in different sizes for ease of access to various gadgets we carry everyday, pants with compartment designed for security screening at airports, or outerwear that could be worn as a dress or a jacket.  Price falls right around adidas SLVR's range, its nearest competitor, from $50 to $353.  The new PUMA Urban Mobility Collection by Hussein Chalayan will see its debut Spring 2010 with store delivery starts in February.  via: WWD


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