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Reebok - The Freestyle Global Stylist Series 2009

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Reebok's iconic women's silhouette, the Freestyle, was created with a free-thinking, creative and independent women in mind. While we previously previewed the Fall/Winter 2009 collection of new Freestyle Collection, Reebok had pulled together a global campaign to celebrate both the shoe and women everywhere who embody the spirit of Freestyle.

This campaign draws selected inspirational and trendsetting stylists in each city (London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Munich) to create a series of artwork based on their interpretation of the revered Reebok model. For the first leg of the campaign in London, Reebok enlisted the help of Namlee to style and produce a series of photographs centered around the shoe. Namlee is a woman of many trades as she relishes her role as a singer, stylist, editor and founder for SuperSuper Magazine, and muse to Basso and Brooke.

Namlee's work for the London part of the Freestyle Global Stylist Series 2009 is vibrant with colors and energy. Namlee models the Reebok Freestyle Femme Fatale in tight metallic catsuits and swim suits that are very space age and Pam Hogg, and very Lady Gaga with an 80s throwback.

If these images don't give you a sudden rush of desire to get the Freestyle kicks, we don't really know what will.

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