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colette X Timberland - 6-Inch Boots | Release Date

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The much talked about and highly desired colette X Timberland collaboration 6-inch boots had been making a splash on the internet. While information seeped out for the curious and sartorially-minded in less-than-gratifying doses, now we finally have the most important information at hand-- release date.

Set to release on Sep 9, 2009 (on the same day as Beatles Rock Band, but we digress), the colette blue treated iconic 6-inch boots that are so deliberately and perfectly distressed will only be limited to a run of 40 pairs. Everything you want from colette would be on the sturdy stomping Timbs-- embossed colette logo, colette blue laces, padded colette blue ankle, colette tag...

Just remember to mark the date on your calendar and save up EU€ 235 for your pair. Don't say we didn't tell you where and when to find them if you got there too late.

213 Rue Saint-Honor © | Map
75001 Paris, France

Release Date: September 9th (Wednesday)

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