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Ford Mustang Saleen - "Transformers" Barricade

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In the original Transformers movie, it's hard to decide which one is more scene stealing-- Megan Fox? Or the onslaught of coveted super alien bionic cars? In real life however, since Megan Fox is not for sale, the eternal dilemma between girls and cars are easily yet reluctantly resolved.

Take a step back to reminisce the cars and robots that showed up in Transformers. Remember Barricade the Decepticon who transforms into a Saleen S281 police car to hide among humans as a symbol of authority? The very same Saleen appeared at the Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance this year at an auction, sporting the S281 Extreme kit with a 4.6L V8 engine. Even after the folks at DreamWorks got their hands on it and roughed the car out in the movie, it only traveled a mere 4,550 miles. Barricade Saleen was later sold at an auction at the car show, starting at $1,000. Too bad for those who are thinking about putting the infamous Decepticon in their garage, the car had been sold for $36,000. Which really, isn't a bad price tag at all for riding around with the rival of Bumblebee. Unless you are a die-hard Autobot fan.

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