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Heroes - Season 4: Redemption | Promo Poster | Online Game

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Last season of Heroes left fans wanting more...literally. With a politically charged cliff hanger where the world's greatest villain is now disguised as the President of the United States of America, the fate of the world and our hero/villains are now as uncertain as ever.

After much anticipation, wait, speculation and everything as nerve wrecking as a hit TV series can bring, the Heroes season four (titled Redemption) poster is now out. Of course, the three big players with most mention and plot weight starting from season one, Claire the cheerleader, Hiro the time-traveling "The One" and Sila the ultimate complex antagonist, are featured on the poster.

What's not mentioned on the just released poster are new additions to the cast such as Ernie Hudson, Rachel Melvin and Ray Park. The show will air for a two-hour long premiers special on Sep 21. In the meantime, NBC had created an online game, Heroes: Survival to keep fans satiated till the premiere.

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