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Nike Sportswear - The IAM1 Journey - Taipei | Installation

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The IAM1 Journey is making its way over to Taipei whilst it takes us on a journey through time and technology, following the evolution of Air Max 1 from 22 years ago into Air Maxim1. To present this wondrous journey in a new light, Nike Sportswear had invited artists and designers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to create a joint exhibition to narrate the path Air Max 1 had traveled. The participating artists include PhalanX Studio, ANO, Alien, Silly Thing and Lei Lei. Some of the mediums used to document and express the the legend of Air Max 1 include graffiti, installation art, vinyl toys and interactive installations.

The exhibition will be held at TPE 6453 this week on Aug 20, and the space is transformed into a blank canvas for creativity to reign.


ANO from Because Design in Taipei based his work on graffiti and took inspiration from the Air Unit and color on Air Max 1. His resulting graffiti sports the iconic Nike Sport Red and an edgy futuristic design that is reminiscent of a space ship.



In the other corner of the exhibition space, Taipei's PhalanX Studio created a series of vinyl toys based on reinterpreting Air Max 1 as a super hero of its time and kind. The figurines tie in the synonymous nature of "Max" and "Power", and draws its aesthetic inspiration for illustration from 80s American comic. The difference in simple modern style of the figurine from a more flamboyant illustration also reference the changes Air Max 1 experienced through time rather ingeniously.The super power of Air Max 1? Invisible power of course!



Switching over to more interactive presentations, Alien from Alien Evolution Studio titled his piece, Alien Revolution Studio. The majority of Alien Evolution Studio's design is in apparel, accessories and toys. The studio had also just completed a collaboration with Japan's T9G. For this exhibition, the studio created a cube-like time capsule, realizing the age and space when Air Max 1 was born. The main exterior is dressed in Air Max 1's Original Blue, and the see-through window moldings represent the visible Air Unit. Also included within the time capsule is Alien's sketch of Air Max 1 as a nod to Alien's interest in street culture of 1987.



As for the folks who traveled across the strait to join the Taipei leg of The IAM1 Journey, Silly Thing from Hong Kong brought us "Post-Pompidouism". Silly Thing is a veteran of collaborations within the industry having worked with big names such as N.E.R.D, Nike, Chapel of Dawn, UNDERCOVER and McDonald's. "Post-Pompidouism" grows upon Hatfield's original inspiration for Air Max 1, Centre Pompidou, and injects an element of scientific imagination into the classic through new medium.



Hailing from an even further city, Lei Lei from Beijing is currently a graduate student of animation at Qing Hua University. His interest in urban culture helped him create his piece, "Jump! Jump! Jump!". The concept behind his work is simple-- simply do everything more. Jump higher, run faster, go further. The narrative behind his illustrated piece plays on an impending storm and the hero sporting his Air Max 1 saved the day by jumping into the clouds to combat the gods of weather.


That being said, reading about an exhibition is nothing compared to seeing it in person. Do take some time to hit up the IAM1 Journey at TPE 6453 on Aug 20-- of course, sporting your favorite Air Max 1 kicks.

The IAM1 Journey - Taipei

Nike TPE 6453
No. 36, Lane 187, Sec.1, Dunhua S.Rd., | Map
Taipei City, Taiwan

Event Date:August 20th (Tonight!) | 7:30 pm

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