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Paul Smith X Rhodia - Limited Edition N° 16 Pad

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In the age of computers, keyboards and ultra mobility, there are rarely any occasions we get to express ourselves through pen and paper. However, it is oddly comforting and therapeutic to see penmanship and the process of actual marking and creating something by hand. French stationery maker, Rhodia, inspires countless to create with their signature grids, smooth paper and iconic orange cover.

To help push the boundaries of creativity further, the note pad maker enlisted the help of Paul Smith to create a limited edition note pad with multicolored Paul Smith stripes and a surreal hand drawn doodle of a camera-man (literally a man with camera for head). Perhaps seeing Paul Smith's rendering of creativity on pen and paper will urge more to rise up with their writing instruments and put their thoughts firmly down on paper. The pen is not just mightier than the sword-- it's mightier than most. Plus, there's no waiting time invovled in using a pen and paper, but a computer always takes too long to load.

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