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Qubic Q123 Anniversary Collection - DJ Kojiro "Vintage Noise" Mix CD

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One of the biggest networks of street culture in the Southern Hemisphere is street culture forum Sole Jam along with retailers Qubic and quarters. The Auckland, New Zealand based network have just celebrated their anniversaries with 1st year for quarters, 2nd year for Qubic and 3rd year for Sole Jam, thus the naming for the Q123 capsule collection.  This collection is aimed to provide unique items through collaborative work with friends and family of Qubic from around the world, slowly revealing itself over the next couple of months.

First to drop is this mix CD titled Vintage Noise by Kojiro, who is a little known member of Tokyo's fragment design team. Kojiro have been working along side Hiroshi Fujiwara for the past 15 years and also doubles as one of Tokyo's respected underground DJ. Consisting of Kojiro's favourite beats blending acid jazz, funk and soul that was recorded using vintage 70's Bozak equipment and vinyl for that added vintage favor. The graphics feature the photo of Bozak equipment and specially designed Kojiro logo that reflects the Bozak logo as a homage to the brand.

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