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Schott X Beauty & Youth - Biker Jacket

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In a cramped basement on the Lower East Side of 1913, two sons of a Russian immigrant chased for their American Dream with a mind to shelter people from rain. The two brothers, Irving and Jack Schott started out making raincoats in their basement and peddled their hardwork from door to door. Eventually, the raincoat brothers grew their business and crafted other jackets, and became a lot of firsts-- the first to put zippers on jackets, the first to make one of the greatest American classic-- the leather motorcycle jacket. And all these happened almost four decades prior to Harley Davidson coming into its own and creating their own biker staple.

Fast forward more than nine decades later, the true American brand, Schott, goes international and partners with United Arrows from Japan, collaborating with their BEAUTY & YOUTH line to create a new classic with a fusion of East and West sensibility.

The collaboration Biker Jacket is more fitted and made from premium leather in true black. The insides are padded for comfort with a quilted lining, and metal hardware is updated to include star-shaped studs. Special collaborative tags adorn the jacket, giving it a new hybrid identity relevant to our time. The jacket comes in two colorways, silver and gold, and our favorite is the more opulent take with gold hardware details. Both colorways are now available at United Arrows, just in time for riding around in fall a la Grease.

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