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uniform experiment - Tote Bag

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A perfect compliment piece to the just release MacBook Pro Sleeves from Incase and uniform experiment, the new Tote Bag from uniform experiment also feature the unique "safety pins - chain link" design.  The details, along with markings of fragment design, are imprinted in 4 different color schemes: green on black, white on black, red on navy, and pink on grey.  Each tote bag was constructed through a unique process.  First assembled as average cotton tote, a coat of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) was then applied onto the exterior.  Not only is the non-toxic resin resilient, it is also resistant to water, stain, and grease.  Properties making these totes ideal for everyday usage.  The uniform experiment Tote Bag is currently for sale at SOPHNET. locations and selected retailers across Japan, as well as hnyee.Store, the official store of

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