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Wish You Were Here | New York City

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Wish You Were Here | New York City - 0

Hate those snooty "Wish You Were Here" vacation greetings in postcards/email/twitter that are half sympathetic but all gloat? For those of us who are not lucky enough to vacay our way to Europe and hardly getting a free weekend to even visit Coney Island, now the good stuff are coming to us!

The "Wish You Were Here" program is an intercontinental fashion swap between the swanky Lower East Side of New York City and Newburgh Quarter of London. For this exchange program, we are trading in some of our favorites such as Reed Space, Earnest Sewn, In God We Trust and Still Life for hard-edged, Concrete, Fred Perry, menswear label, Social Suicide and the Miller sisters' (the ever-charming style muse, Sienna Miller) Twenty8Twelve.

The New York City leg's swap had already begun this past week on Aug 20 and will run through Sep 13 for those searching for some cool London threads. These labels and stores are hosted within multiple pop-up shops and will also feature a line-up of parties, events and performances.

London's calling this summer from Lower East Side, and we wish you were here too.

Event Dates: Aug 20 (Thursday) - Sep 13 (Sunday)

Wish You Were Here
186 Orchard St. | Map
New York, NY 10002

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