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Burton X R. Crumb - Private Stock Project - Fritz The Cat Twin V Rocker Snowboard

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For Burton's very limited and exclusive Private Stock Project, the snowboarding label is gearing up for winter and the slopes with more collaborations. When the project was launched, Burton worked with politically charged illustrator Ron English on a series of gear. This time around, Burton partners up with the founder and most prominent member of the underground comic movement, R. Crumb, for the new limited edition deck.

Featured on the deck is one of R. Crumb's most beloved feline con artist, Fritz the Cat. The board incorporates the channel system and a playful V-Rocker shape for smooth skate-like feel to your ride. You can't bring the X-rated Fritz The Cat comics with you but you can sure hit the slopes with bedecked in them. Limited to only 100 specialty shops worldwide and the 3 Burton Flagship Stores in Burlington, New York, and Los Angeles, the Fritz The Cat Twin V Rocker Snowboard, as well as R. Crumb's Restricted Dyer Jacket will all be available in the coming weeks.

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