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Warrior Footwear - Team Basketball

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Warrior Footwear - Team Basketball - 0

Warrior Footwear started out in the streets of Shanghai in the 1930s, born out of a temporal peace followed by lengthened turmoil. The shoes became a cultural icon and staple in its own right, as its lightweight material was suitable for the masses, convenient for work of all walks of life. However, like the societal, cultural and political climate, the shoes went through its own obstacles when the Chinese market opened up for western sneakers. In the 90s, Warrior Footwear was relegated to the shoes of laborers and the elderly.

In 2008, Warrior Footwear treaded its way overseas with two American students who were interning in Shanghai, and started to establish itself as a new brand and shoe in its own right-- its greatest attraction being he communal versatility. Unisex, ageless and timeless, these simple kicks compliment any wardrobe and morphs to fit the style of its wearer. With Warrior Footwear, one will wear the shoes and never have to worry about getting worn by them.

Just arrived at ALIFE Rivington Club and flying out of the store in pairs and bounds is the black Team Basketball with Warrior's signature stripes in red. The toe cap and sole are kept clean in black and the soles have a textured treatment for an interesting touch.

Check them out at ALIFE, and don't worry-- with the right size, these shoes will fit everyone.

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