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ABSOLUT - "No Label" Vodka

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ABSOLUT - "No Label" Vodka - 0

For the vodka connoisseurs out there, everyone knows the key to a good vodka is its purity, hence related to the process of distillation it goes through. To convey the idea of the one and only absolutely ABSOLUT, the Swedish liquor maker had decided to remove the bottle of all labels and the signature "Absolut" lettering, pushing the boundaries and concept of branding further than ever. Simply rallying, "In An ABSOLUT World, There Are No Labels" for the campaign, ABSOLUT let its alcohol speak for itself and stripped it of all unrelated frivolity-- how refreshing is that?

This enticingly naked bottle will be on premiering today at colette on Aug 24. Sure there's no label, but the bottle is full of attitude.

Release Date: Aug 24 (Monday)


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