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Bentley - Mulsanne

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The newly revealed automotive piece, Mulsanne from Bentley is set to be their next flagship model.  Taking inspiration from the 1930 Bentley Grand Tourer 8 litre model, this new model takes its name, Mulsanne, from the 24 Le Mans races Bentley took home first in between 1924 ~ 1930. In which one of the famous corner of the French circuit was called Mulsanne corner. This corner was a rapid 90 degree hair pin corner after a long 6km stretch of straight track, that was the critical deciding factor between victors of the race.

The key design feature is the two large circular head lights which is the reflection of 1930 ~ 1931 Grand Tourer 8 Litre model that was only limited to 100 vehicles. With its flowing fender lines from front to back, this luxury sports automobile is the epitomy of Bentley's power and speed. For the time being the heart of the vehicle will be an all new V8 and more details will be revealed later on at Frankfurt Motorshow in September.

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