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Joyce X Alexander McQueen - Skull USB Stick

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It seems like the tiny but mighty island of Hong Kong is getting their hands on all whimsical products from coveted designers this month (remember the gleaming white mahjong tiles from Martin Margiela?). The prominent trendsetter in Hong Kong, Joyce, is collaborating with their good friend, Alexander McQueen on a limited edition Skull 2GB USB Stick. The jaws detach from its smooth black skull body to reveal the USB connector end and will latch on to your computer for all information you need to transport around the virtual realm.

Like most good gifts in life, these come with a price tag-- the Skull USB Stick will be gifted to those who spend more than HKD 10,000 starting from Aug 24. The joys of having a McQueen decked computer and having something nice to look at while working is absolutely priceless. via: Elle HK

Release Dates: Aug 24 (Monday)

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