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Air Jordan Moments Collection - Hall of Fame Pack

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His Airness of NBA, basketball legend Michael Jordan's career can be traced in detail now as the star is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. While a timeline may be comprehensive in reiterating the much followed career of MJ, Jordan Brand has a different platform for highlighting Air Jordan's career (pun absolutely intended).

Just released is the JORDAN MOMENTS COLLECTION which brought together three of the most iconic Jordan sneakers to honor the man who made it all happen and popularized NBA to the world in the eighties and nineties. This collection comes with three sneakers that marked significant moments of MJ's legacy-- Air Jordan 1 that started it all, Jordan 6 Rings for each of MJ's six championships and Air Jordan 2009 which pays tribute to future of the brand.

Specially featured in terms of design for the collection is the MOMENTS graphic which incorporates 23 iconic numbers in MJ's career. Some number include his average points per game (30.12), Rookie of the Year Award (1985) and famed jersey numbers (23/45).

All kicks are kept simple black, red and white, and will be available the first Saturday next month on Sep 5.

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Air Jordan 1 High Moments, Suggested Retail Price $125. Available September 5, 2009, The Air Jordan 1 rocked the world in 1984 when Michael Jordan first wore the radical red and black sneaker during his rookie season. The Air Jordan franchise has continued to push the innovation envelope ever since.


Jordan 6 Rings Moments , Suggested Retail Price $175. Available September 5, 2009 , The Jordan 6 Rings features elements from each of the Air Jordans that Michael Jordan wore when he won his six league championships: the Air Jordan VI, VII, VIII, XI, XII, XIII and XIV.


Air Jordan 2009 Moments, Suggested Retail Price $200. Available September 5, 2009, The Air Jordan 2009's revolutionary Articulated Propulsion Technology that allows an athlete to propel forward explosively, blown-glass inspired midsole, and premium materials represent the brand's commitment to build the world's best performance basketball products for the next 23 years of Air Jordan.