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Loopwheeler X Steiff

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Loopwheeler's hoodies with Nike Sportswear are one of the softest and coziest out there, produced exclusively with their signature rotating looms. Now we get twice as snuggly with the Japanese cotton pro in his collaboration with German plush toy maker, Steiff, to dress one of their signature teddies in a Loopwheeler hoodie. This is not the first time Steiff had worked with fashion, having previously partnered up with fashion's most powerful pony-tailed designer, Karl Lagerfield as well.

Except this time the little forest friend doesn't go couture and heads for the streets in Loopwheeler's signature grey hoodie with embroidered patches. The little crest patch pays homage to both labels incorporating flags of Germany and Japan on it. Whilst the teddy is safe from the cold with the cotton hood up, denim overalls and canvas sneakers are still in the works and should be outfitting the little guy soon.

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