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Nike Air Max 95 - Black - Shadow Grey - Snakeskin

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Nike has used snakeskin on previous Air Maxes, most famously on the Air Max 90 models, but this time the Air Max 95 gets the serpentine treatment. In contrast to the most famous Air Max 95 models, which build their colors from dark soles to light uppers, this model shifts the colors from light to dark. With a white sole and toe, the colors gradually get darker as a silvery gray layer follows with the snakeskin pattern. After a light colored band above the first snake pattern, a darker, shadow gray snakeskin pattern (similar to the python Air Max 90s) leads to a completely black upper and tongue. These 95s are slated for a first quarter drop in 2010. If you have wear a sample size 9, you can skip the wait and scoop these from ebay. via: sneakernews