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Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) - More Than A Game City Pack - Shenyang

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While the Air Max LeBron VII (7) Artist Series are pretty much impossible to get your hands on, the Limited Edition City Pack, while limited is not mission impossible. Just like its predecessors from Beijing, Akron and other cities LeBron had visited on his More Than A Game World Tour, the base of this limited edition shoe is done up in white with green trim.

The elements that are unique to Shengyang is the film still incorporating St. Vincent St. Mary's school mascot, an Irishman, as a nod to the theme of loyalty for the city of Shengyang. Just like the other limited editions from the city pack, the name of the city is inscribed in the back of the soles in gold, and Shengyang is no exception. The Chinese characters of Shengyang "沈阳" title these kicks in royal gold.

These shoes are available at the Shenyang Zhongjie Fashion Plaza Nike Store and the Shenyang Zhongjie Yundonghui Nike Basketball Door for a very limited run of 123 pairs. While these should have been long gone, there is always the next city awaiting, so keep your eyes out for the next limited edition city pack from Shanghai, Paris, London...and so forth.

LeBron World Tour 09 Schedule
Chicago, Illinois August 11
Washington D.C. August 13
Akron, Ohio August 21
Beijing, China August 24
Shenyang, China August 26
Shanghai, China August 28
Paris, France September 2-3
London, England September 4-5
NYC, New York September 20
LA, California September 26

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