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Nike Max to Maxim Billboard | Harajuku

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Serendipitous or not, the truth is when Bill Bowerman, the founder of Nike, poured a urethane mixture into his wife's waffle iron, the sneaker game changed forever. The iconic and historically imperative waffle sneaker was born out of a kitchen appliance in 1974.

This story would then grow and spread throughout the globe, turning Nike into the most substaintial player in sports gear, and will find its way onto a billboard on the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo. The ereceted Nike billboard spanning across the entire side of a building is no waste of space. The timeline highlights the quinessential moments in Nike history, and amongst the sneakers mentioned is the famed Air Max 1 that is getting all the attention from its recent evolution into the Air Maxim 1. The billboard is full of great sketches and graphics that not only depict sneakers in details but also the faces behind these kicks marking pavements everywhere today. Guess who is "The Visionary" and who is "The Rebel In The Kitchen".

Finally a great use of advertising space! via: Soph.Blog

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