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Debut of the LeBron Zoom LBJ Ambassador II in Beijing

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Nike seems like they understand how to market their athletes rather well. Remember when LeBron signed that huge contract ($90 million) right out of high school? It seemed to some like Nike was crazy for spending all that money on an unproven commodity. Well, nowadays, it almost seems as if Nike got a bargain. The Air Max LeBron VII (7) has created a whirlwind of publicity and it still hasn't even dropped yet. So while the VII may be getting the attention for now, the Zoom Ambassador II debuted during his recent visit to Beijing. This shoe is certainly not on the level of the flagship model, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in style. This model goes for a classic red, white and black colorway, while preserving a simple outline. The shoe appears to be able to function as a casual or a performance shoe. LeBron seems to be on top of his game both on and off the court. Look out for the Zoom Ambassador II  to release some time this Holiday 2009 season. More details to come. via: