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Michael Lau - Gardener 10th Exhibition

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The man who shows us there's no such thing as "age-appropriate" for toys and keeps everyone young at heart, Michael Lau, is hosting his first ever US exhibition presented by MINDstyle next month. Along with celebrating Michael Lau's 10th anniversary, the exhibition is not just a showcase of vinyl toys but a comprehensive display of everything surrounding ML and his work-- sketches, drawings, paintings and custom 109 figures will be on display at De La Barracuda for all to learn more about the man in the vinyl revolution.

There's no need for us to reiterate--art toys are not carry more metaphorical weight in our culture than one would expect from a toy. Experience it for yourself at the exhibition running from September 29th to October 3rd.

MINDstyle presents Gardener 10TH by Michael Lau

De La Barracuda
7769 Melrose Avenue | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Event Dates: September 26th (Saturday) - October 3rd (Saturday)

Other schedule events:

Presented by Slamxhype: Gardener 10th Exhibition & Art Toy Release
Event Date: September 30th (Wednesday)

Presented by The Hundreds: Gardener 10th Exhibition & Art Toy Release
Event Date: October 1th (Thursday)

Customer Appreciation Day Presented by De La Barracuda: Gardener 10th Exhibition & Art Toy Release
Event Date: October 2nd (Friday)
(Michael Lau will be available to meet fans and autographs)

Presented by Friends of Nike: Gardener 10th Exhibition & Nike Shoes/Art Toy Release
Event Date:
October 3th (Saturday)