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OriginalFake KAWS Glow In The Dark Dissected COMPANION? - Fake Or Real???

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A major downside to the popularity of OriginalFake designs is the overabundance of pirated and imitated goods out there.  So there is always a great apprehension when an one-of-one OriginalFake merchandise appears, as in this Glow In The Dark Dissected COMPANION Figure by KAWS.  The images originated from a collector in Shanghai, who claimed to have 1 of  only 2 produced in the world, with the other in MEDICOM TOY's headquarter in Tokyo. This Dissected COMPANION underwent a full GITD treatment - the intact side on left emits a green glow while the exposed side on the right produced a eerie blue glow.  But the question remains, since there is no way to verify or authenticate this particular figure, is it a real OriginalFake? Or just a superb pirated copy? Feel free to leave your comments below... images via: VTSS

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