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Yellowbird Camera

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We admit Google is pretty awesome. Google Streetview with a 360-degree stream is part of the reason why we love Google so much. Now, imagine seeing Streetview on video-- a video taken by you.

Yellowbird Camera is a revolutionary recording device that enables one to see the world in its full glory, recording in 360-degrees and capturing all possible angles with an innovative six lens camera. It streams with glass-fiber connection at an impressive 1200Mbit/s and can be saved as an uncompressed format to prevent compromising with quality. Of course, to take a decent video one has to accompany it with sounds, and Yellowbird had equipped their camera with a 96khz audio recorder for all your shooting needs.

The Yellowbird Camera can be mounted on a regular tripod or a new "steadycam suit", where the camera hovers above the head of the operator. For those who are not too keen on wearing a camera on them, it can also be hooked to a car or helicopter.

If this is not swaying you to get interactive with Yellowbird yet, check this-- a variant of the Yellowbird Camera is currently employed by Google Streetview.Check out the video to experience some 3D reality and see what this bird can do.

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