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IVP Designs - Prison Inspired T-Shirt Collection

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Too often it is glorified by popular culture, or even wanton actions of clueless celebrities.  The reality is life in the penitentiary system is grim and dangerous.  In a 2002 report, the average homicide rate in prison was 47 cases per 100,000 prisoners. New York City pales in comparison with only 3 cases per 100,000 residents.  To highlight this disparity and what it is really like on the inside, L.T. Deaton, a former inmate, recently launch a new apparel line, IVP Designs.  Designed in France and manufactured on both side of the Atlantic, the acronym IVP was taken from the French statement "Inspire par la Vie Prisonniere" or "inspired by the Prisoner's Life".  The graphics  portray the little known sub-culture within the prison system.  Nicknames are given to various facilities by those who and serving times in them and based on each's beastly reputations.  Names like "Angola Rodeo", "Pelican Bay Poker Club" and "Beaumont Boxing". Each IVP t-shirt includes an woven label identical to prisoner's ID tag in the federal penitentiary system.  In addition, each comes with an unique peel-and-stick hanging tag that tells the story behind each design.

Himself incarcerated in a federal prison before, Deaton wanted to reverse his harsh experience into something of a positive nature.  With each t-shirt sold, IVP will donate a portion to Prisoner's Life, a non-profit organization which assist former inmates to acclimate life outside of the prison when they finished their sentences.  IVP Designs products are currently available at selected retailers nationwide and at its official online store.

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