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Lamborghini - Custom LM002 Wagon

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And here we thought trading in a clunker is just for us civilians who need good deals to take up an offer on a new car. Apparently one of the richest man on Earth made possible by a vast store of oil, the Sultan of Brunei, is also trading off his old car-- whether it's to get some cash for a sweet new ride, we can only speculate.

And if you are wondering what the Sultan rides in, it's the ultra luxury SUV from Lamborghini, the LM002. While the LM002 was originally designed by the good folks of Lamborghini to be a four-door pick-up, the Sultan requested to have his customized into a wagon. This ride features a V12 engine and can stomp over all grounds with 450hp-- powered by the same engine of the Lamborghini Countach.

In terms of entertainment and add-ons, the beastly angular wagon with sufficient room for seven features dvd players, TVs, leather and burwood veneer panels. For those who would like to cop a royal ride, this wagon is currently going on sale in Germany. With an undisclosed price and not much information available, we can only wish you all the best in your Lambo hunt.

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