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Takashi Murakami X MEDICOM TOY - "inochi" Figurines

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Such is Murakami's penchant for surprise and the unexpected-- sometimes the artist's work inspires a heartfelt, Disney vibed twang (tell us you didn't go "aww" watching his First Love animated sequence for Louis Vuitton), and other times, odd surreal figures engage in some mudane sexual shenanigans that are uncanny and hard to place.

Let's just say the latter refers to Takashi Murakami's Inochi Kun character, a middle school boy on the verge of puberty running into some awkward sexual moments with that cute girl sitting next to him in class, and well, other times digestive issues. The odd boy with an alien-shaped head and strange prosthetic-like limbs reminds us of a more grotesque version of Pinnocchio.

Yet his charming disposition and genuine personality, no matter how out of place, wins him some attention- both sympathetic and empathetic. With much speculation, Japan's Medicom Toy had release some images of a vinyl toy release of "inochi" with Takashi Murakami.

The figures will come in five different versions each of a different skin color and clad in different colored uniform, and each has a different name being a character of its own. Of course, just like in the animation, these "inochis" have strangely jointed limbs and palms that always face upwards. Complete with hat and backpack, the implaceable schoolboy will be unleashed into the world at a limited run of 200 pieces each for approximately $1500 a pop.

Check out the images and video and get acquainted with Inochi Kun.


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