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CLOT - CLOTone - kzKLOT Items

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With the launch of the Fall Winter 09 collection looming, Clot have released their last drop from the kzKLOT items of CLOTone. The multi colored Polkawing and the Traffic Light tee set. The kzKLOT is a collaboration series with Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi over the current Spring Summer 09 season.

In a similar style as the other kzKLOT items, the Polkawind uses dot patterns on the windbreaker jacket that is made out of lightest waterproof material around that can be used in the great outdoors or in inner city concrete jungle. On the other hand the Traffic tee set is a set of three tees inside a green cylinder packaging. The graphics of the tee is simple with green light, amber light and red light printed on the front with Clot logo on top.

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