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Mike Shinoda - Glorious Excess (Dies) | Exhibition Recap

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This past Saturday was a happening one in Los Angeles for Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. His first solo exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum opened and was met with overwhelming response, showcasing some of the multi-talented artist's work to date.

While the theme is heavy in terms of social commentary, critiquing our society's penchant for excess in material, fame and everything related, Shinoda's work takes the form of elaborate dark humor with liberal flux of pop-colors, motifs and graphics. Skulls and death were two major players in the exhibition, of course, referring back to the exhibition title -- Glorious Excess (Dies).

Bobby Hundreds from The Hundreds was one of the many folks who attended the opening to support Shinoda in his latest artistic venture. Other friends from the industry such as Fantasy Factory and Casey from The Seventh Letter were also at the event of full attendance. Check out the fantastic photos and event recap from Bobby Hundreds, especially Shinoda's Honda motorcycle that was auctioned off at the event. via: The Hundreds

Glorious Excess (Dies) by Mike Shinoda
Japanese American National Museum
111 North Central Avenue | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Opening Date:

August 29th (Saturday)

Exhibition Dates: August 30th (Sunday) - October 4th (Sunday)

> Japanese American National Museum