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SOPHNET. - Binchotan (White Charcoal) Sunglasses

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Valued for its unique characteristic, binchotan, or often called "white charcoal", is use in a myriad of applications in Japan.   Unlike traditional charcoal, binchotan is odorless when burn nor leave unsightly marking when handle.   Instead, you would often see it in water bottles at restaurants and cafes because of its natural filtration trait. Another of its special attribute is its strength, with hardness some compared to those found on cast iron.   A reason why SOPHNET.'s creative director Hirofumi Kiyonaga decided to incorporate it into its new clear lens sunglasses.   Plastic resin is mixed with amble amount of binchotan, then hand molded and finished individually.   The embedded binchotan gives a semi-translucent appearance much like a tortoiseshell.   Available in black or brown, on sale now at SOPHNET. retailers worldwide and's hnyee.Store

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