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Casio G-Shock X LRG - DW-6900 2009 Edition

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This is definitely not a new partnership, but an aged and comfortable one of pleasing results.Casio G-Shock had previously collaborated with Lifted Research Group (LRG) to create matt Obama-blue DW-6900 with red accents earlier on in May (and two more collab models prior to this). Now, the team is back with a new colorway - a bright yellow DW-6900 with green and white accents (signature of LRG) and "RESEARCH" in white printed over the bottom strap. We predict this will become a fast sold-out item just like the previous collaborations, so tune in for more release information and update. As for those interested in something other than the classic DW-6900, the two brands also recently released a 10th Anniversary collaboration Frogman.

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