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Juice - JUICE Stand | Shanghai Pop-Up Shop

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CLOT's Juice had recently accomplished a territorial expansion into South East Asia with a new location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now the retailer heads back closer to hone in Hong Kong with a JUICE Stand (not so much about the beverage but more so an adorable pun for a pop-up shop). The first JUICE pop-up store in Shanghai will be carrying on a long-standing collaboration with adidas Originals, carrying items from the new adidas ObyO, adidas Consortium 3 Way Projects. Of course, last but not least, JUICE's own CLOTone products will be available at Shanghai.

For this pop-up shop, JUICE aims to refresh and energize both labels through creative design in logo and shop interior. The pop-up store has a clean, modern feel and is designed to look like an actual juice stand, offering customers a taste of adidas and CLOTone items. The logo is also reworked in purple with leaves and a droplet to push the literal meaning of juice into a physical image.

Opening shop this coming Friday on Sep 4, the pop-up will be up and running for approximately a month and a half till mid October. So keep your calender free sometime and check out the JUICE Stand before it's gone.

351 Zizhong Road | Map
Shanghai, China

Event Date: September 4th (Friday) - mid October