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Reebok - Fall 2009 - "Seven Deadly Sins" Pack | August Release

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Reebok heads in a bold theistic direction this year for their special Pump Omni Lite line with a "Seven Deadly Sins" Pack, drawing inspiration from the bestselling book in history-- the bible. While three colorways, Greed, Pride and Sloth, were released earlier in the summer, the August release at colette includes the other two human fallibility, Gluttony and Envy.

Based on one of Reebok's most popular silhouettes, the Pump Omni Lite feature a tonal design by mixing same shades in different materials such as leather and suede on the upperm and matching soles. Rat

her literally, Envy goes green and Gluttony is more metaphorical in orange. Both shoes come with special lace hardware featuring corresponding sins, "ENVY" with the green colorway and "GLUTTONY" with the orange. Also, the shoe pads feature a graphic print rendition of the sin, also in the same colorway of the kicks.

Admitting and owning up to particular weaknesses have never been more fun. Don't get envious, get "ENVY".

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