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Nike Kevin Durant KD2 - Velvet Hoop Edition

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Kevin Durant has already enjoyed success as an NBA player, but it seems that he is not getting the respect he deserves. Last year, Durant averaged over 25 points per game, but it's usually not his face that you see on commercials and billboards. He seems to be on the verge of a breakout year in Oklahoma City, and his second signature shoe--the KD2--is poised for some more attention as well. In this Velvet Hoop Edition of the shoe, some distinct features stand out--the use of bright red patent leather through most of the upper, the stark, two-toned sole, and the thick strap that goes across the middle of the laces. The lining of the shoe is a vibrant, multi-colored pattern that looks a lot like the pattern on the "Peace" edition Air Raid. Durant was spotted rocking these at Barry's Farm Rec Center in the nation's capital. Nike has a ton of hoops stars on the roster, and KD looks like he may be the next to blow up. via: KD's twitter