Aquafrolics X Nike 6.0 Braata - Prom Pack

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To celebrate the release of Aquafrolics, a new wakeskate film from Nike 6.0, the folks behind the film worked with Nike 6.0 to create a Prom Pack based on the Nike 6.0 Braata for the premiere. As the occasion is a premiere, the team worked based on the concept of prom, drawing inspiration from the American rite of passage with tuxedo and piano inspired gear. The Nike 6.0 Braata in this pack has a tuxedo-like upper in a white upper with black panels (looks an awful lot like a tux jacket layered over a white shirt), cradling a rose corsage on the inner shoe pad and finished off with soles dressed in piano keys. The tongue tag is suitably, an embroidered bow-tie in red. To go along with the dressed-up sneakers masquerading around as a tux is a tee, also masquerading around as a tux. The wacky tuxedo tee has an Aquafrolics-blue base and also features both the name of the film and Nike 6.0 on it. Good for a black-tie function? The cool Prom Pack deserves a push of limits when we have more release info to share.

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