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KIA X STPL - "Rain Camo" KIA Soul

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In a world where oil prices face an impending dread of a never ending increase, small cars with high gas mileage are getting readily more popular than the cooler-looking gas guzzlers with excessive horsepower that is obsolete in the city. As such, compact cars such as the Smart are proving themselves to be more than just automobiles but lifestyle choices for those living in the concrete jungle. KIA Soul proved itself to be one of the popular emerging compact cars that is also becoming a perfect canvas for collaboration and art.

After a previous collaboration with graffiti artist, Hense, on an Adult Swim themed KIA SOUL, the car maker had approached STPL to create new Souls as a part of the KIA Soul Collective program. Inspired by the recent melancholy showers in the city that marks the end of summer, STPL used a theme of "Rain Camo" on their Soul. The silver ride is drenched in black strokes representing rain streaks interlaced with "Staple" and "STPL" to express the "NY State of Mind" according to STPL's main man. While the car is supposed to blend in to the city background, it is also intended to stand out, so the other inspiration turns out to be The Predator.

This is only one of the two Souls from STPL, and it will be on tour with KIA Soul Collective that will journey through the US with four days of free music at each city stop. Mark the tour dates at the city nearest to you and join in for something to celebrate for fall. via: STPL

> KIA Soul

> KIA Soul Collective


The Soul Collective Tour Dates

Chicago: September 10-13
Washington, DC: September 17-20
Philadelphia: September 24-27
Miami: October 1-4
Atlanta: October 8-11
Boston: October 15-18
New York: October 22-25
Los Angeles: November 5-8