Michael Lau x Jan Lamb - Yes, i.Do 3omething

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A series of heart shaped figures will be coming out in time for a CD launch by Hong Kong pop icon  Jan Lamb aka Lam Dog. The figures will be made by non other than Hong Kong's figure artist Michael Lau. Lamb's album "Yes, iDo 3omething" will be dropping soon and the figure is designed using his "chin" of the Lam Dog. One side of the curved heart shape features Lam Dog's three dot logo creating male eyes and the other side is the female eyes. Lau chose to use sharp vivid colors, unlike what he normally uses for this collaboration to put forth the idea of happiness across and to represent Love.

The CD + figure set is limited to 9999 sets and will be available in stores around Hong Kong. There are 6 colors available to choose from. In Chinese the word 9 is pronounced in a similar sound as Dog and 09 is similar to Lam Dog. So these number combination are important to Lamb, however ironically the CD set will be launched on September 10th and not 9th. via: Crazy Toyz

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