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Montana Colors x Upper Playground - Artist Cans - MQ

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Upper Playground have just released their second edition of collaborative project with spray can manufacturer Montana Colors, who was the first company to produce spray paint specifically made for graffiti writers. A New York City born artist MQ is featured on this can and as you can read from the quote by the Lospinuso from Montana Colors, MQ has made a huge impact on graffiti with his distinct lettering style. Currently available at Upper Playground stores and online store.

Somebody may not agree with me, but I think MQ represents the original essence of graffiti, bombing, destroying, getting up, being infamous from the East to the West. It's not politically correct for me to say that.... but who cares? I love this idea of graffiti and I pay the maximum respect for MQ! It's an honor to have a dedicated Limited Edition by this timeless Bomber.
-Angelo Lospinuso from Montana Colors

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