Nike Zoom Air Force 180/Air Ballistic Force Hybrid - Summer 2010

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Two more Summer 2010 samples have surfaced. The standout among thesehybrids is the 180, modeled after the Barkley shoe worn while he was a member of the Dream Team. The shoe certainly enjoys some influences from the 1992 Air Ballistic while \ incorporating the strap and triangular bubble styles and striated plastic from the OG. David Robinson's Ballistic had a sole that had small dots similar to those that appear on the heel, strap, and toe of this shoe. The upper near the heel is a shape that certainly acknowledge that early 90s shape of the Ballistic as well. Above the air bubble on both models is a fading color pattern that modernizes the approach a bit. Besides the Barkley 180-influenced mode,   the other pictured model incorporates similar features with a more simplistic arrangement of details on the upper. On this mostly-white moel, the highlight is the red-to-yellow-to-green sole above triangular air bubble taken from the 180. These drop in the summer of 2010. via: NT