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Casio G-Shock X Mister Cartoon - DW6900 | Detailed Look

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Los Angeles graffiti artist and entrepreneur Mister Cartoon is weathered on the collaboration game. With multiple collaborative projects with labels such as Nike and VANS under his belt, the tattoo artist is now onto creating timepieces that are attainable for his fan base and demographic. This collaboration with G-Shock entails Mister Cartoon designing the brand's DW6900 in all Cartoon-style. Due to release in October, the DW6900 is done up in blue with Cartoon's graphics on the straps. The watch face is labeled "Mr. Cartoon" and the backlight shows "C TOONS" in the background when illuminated. The back of the watch is engraved with Mister Cartoon tag and features all the useful technical functions of the DW6900. While it's harder to get a tattoo from the famed man himself, the collaborative G-Shock will be available at G-Shock retailers worldwide. via:

> Casio G-Shock

> Mister Cartoon