Juxtapoz - October "Halloween" Issue | Curated By Pushead


Another befitting matrimony in the world of culture and lifestyle-- Juxtapoz enlisted gore and heavy metal obsessed, Pushead, to curate the October "Halloween" issue of the magazine. Pushead has created artwork for bands such as Metallica and Misfits, and had also designed a pair of Nike Dunks.

For the special Halloween issue, Pushead graces the cover with his iconic graphic of a gory skull with widened eyes in a raw socket staring open-mouthed through a hand-print. Also, included in the October issue are artists such as Eric So, Rockin' Jelly Bean, Wes Benscoter, Takato Yamamoto and more. According to the folks at Juxtapoz, Pushead also tested out several new layouts that are new to the magazine. Definitely something to check out and collect, look out for the Halloween issue on news stands in the next few weeks.

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