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Madden NFL 10 | iPhone Application

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Still playing the most popular football game, Madden NFL, on your regular game consoles? iPhone users who are also football gaming fanatics can now rejoice! While watching college football and NFL (that is due to kick off very soon), you can be multitasking between commercial breaks and playing your very own dream team on your iPhone. Featuring everything one loved about the game including packed rosters from all 32 licensed teams, picking between playing a quickie one-off game or drawn-out season mode with 300 plays, this is set to keep one entertained during waits. Also, how great would it be to hear John Madden, Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond comment on your awesome pass and play? Need any more reason to purchase this for your iPhone from the App Store now? --Because pulling out an iPhone in a sports bar would be so much cooler and more discreet than a PSP.

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