Marmot x NEIGHBORHOOD - Down Vest


With the Fall items starting to trickle out from many brands, NEIGHBORHOOD (NBHD) have revealed their first Joint Works Line, Marmot x NEIGHBORHOOD (NBHD). This season's inspiration comes from the movie Deer Hunter and the lifestyle around 60s ~ 70s Vietnam War era in which Marmot produced many of the hunting and outdoor style products. The origins of Marmot was by two individuals who were influenced by the counter culture during the 60s and this product pays homage to the predecessor of Marmot brand which was Marmot Mountain Works.

Based on the Down Vest made during 1973, this is almost a replica of the original that was recreated through extensive research. Featured on the fabic is the frogskin camouflage pattern which was used by USMC during the initial stages of the WWII. Along with two other basic colorways, the vest is waterproof and breathable made from nylon. Also the tag has been recreated with two marmots as it was on the original items.


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