Porsche - 911 Sport Classic


It took roughly three years to develop this Porsche 911 Sport Classic that pays homage to the first ever 911 produced in 1963. This model however takes the modern 911 Carrera S as a base and is the mix of retro styling with best of today's technology. From the outside what stands out the most is the front lip spoiler, double bubble roof and the hard duck tail rear spoiler.

At the heart of the vehicle is the same 3.8 litre flat 6 engine that is similar to the base engine but with a slight power increase of 23ps making output to 408ps and set up to a six speed transmission. Of course there is the latest technology put into suspension and braking as well as full luxury leather interior welcoming the driver. Best or worst of it all is that this vehicle is limited to 250 units world wide and that is not a lot considering the amount of Porsche fans out there.

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