Timex X JK5 X Barney's CO-OP


These are the days when Jack of all-trades get the edge-- if you are good at all your trades, that is. Joseph Ari Aloi, also known to most as JK5, is such a man as he is a tattoo artist, a publisher, toy-maker and artist versatile in a wide range of mediums all rolled into one single being who lives and works in Brooklyn.

For the upcoming holiday season, JK5 partnered up with Timex to release a specially designed timepiece that is to be released at Barney's CO-OP. Based on one of Timex's classic digital watch silhouettes known for its square and slim shape, the small octagonal face features artfully cryptic tags that read "JK5" and "Barneys" across the top, "Illuimate" on the sides, and "Love, Light, Create" on the bottom. The functions of such as "Reset" and "Mode" are highlighted with a glyph-like type treatment. The pink and blue type contrasted nicely with the black straps to highlight the designs without being over-the-top.

Check out the interview with JK5 on Green Label Art and also look out for the watch to drop!

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