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Burton - ConDom Snowboard

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Sure we could think about safe sex when we see these new snowboards from Burton too, but the main focus is still on protection on the slopes (or protecting the powder from these sleek, powerful boards). The men's ConDom gets technical with an extra flaccid flex (no pun intended), added looseness and float of the Zero Camber makes sure that you will glide through the snow with ease. With Rail Ready edges and spooned out Scoop tips, the board won't "catch" anything as you make your way to the bottom. Specs aside, to honor the rubber, the graphics featured on the board does include a tiny and slightly ambiguous R-rated sketch with "condom" on one side and "dominant" on the other. Hitting the slopes to hone your skills while promoting safe sex? We never really imagined doing both at the same time but Burton made the scenario possible if you would like to.

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